LSPro Intertek

Product Certification Body for SPPT-SNI

Trading with Indonesia

Manufactures or importers trading with Indonesia need to comply with the requirements of the Indonesian National Standards (SNI) in order for their goods to clear customs. Failure to do so can result in severe delays in goods clearance penalties or even shipment being returned.

SPPT-SNI (Product Certification for the Compliance of Indonesia National Standards) from an approved, independent and accredited LSPro ( Product Certification Body) is required for some regulated products.

LSPro Intertek can provide information on the standard requirements as well as delivering the necessary testing and certification services.

The Requirements of SPPT-SNI includes :

  • The SPPT-SNI must be issued by an approved, indepent and accredited Certification Body such as Intertek prior to shipment.
  • The SPPT-SNI confirms that the product comply with the relevant Indonesian Technical Regulations and Approved International/Regional Standards
  • The authorities in Indonesia may take random samples from market to verify compliance.


SPPT-SNI Product Certification Process Flowchart


The Intertek Solution helping you for SPPT-SNI

  • Intertek is fully committed to supporting Governments in achieving their sustainability targets by protecting their environment from unsafe and poor quality goods.
  • Intertek has issued more than 2 million certificates and test reports and have undertaken more assessments of more products for longer than any other organisation.
  • Intertek has one of the world’s largest network of laboratories, authorised to test toIndonesian requirements including textile, toys, food and many others.
  • Our staff are experts on Indonesian National Standards and requirements as well as in understanding the needs of exporters and importers.
  • The Intertek SPPT-SNI is recognised and trusted by Government Regulators (Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Trade).
  • Intertek can provide a tailor-made service that meets your needs, including:
    • Submission of assessment requests online
    • Flexible certificate delivery solutions for high volume users